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I am very pleased with my results because everyone says that I have a beautiful smile. The doctor is so gentle as well. She has done excellent work! I really appreciate it.

What a wonderful experience. The doctor is great and the people are great – Dan Reeves

This is to express my great appreciation to Dr. Lokhandwala. It has been a pleasure having her as my dentist. I had great fear about seeing a dentist! But I thank God that He found me this very patient and competent Dr. Lokhandwala. I tell her all the time that she’s the best, and I mean it. My fear of coming to the dentist is with me no longer – Priscilla Vigil

I can say without a doubt this was my best experience at any dental office in my 31+ years. Dr. Lokhandwala made me comfortable at all times, and her concern for my time and comfort was a huge welcomed change from past dentists. I can’t imagine seeing another dentist. – Michael Goodell

Dr. Lokhandwala has helped me to overcome my apprehensions and reservation of the feared ‘dental visits’. I truly feel comfortable coming to the dentist now due to her kind words and soft touch. There is definitely no more fear in my dental visits! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! – Kelly Lee

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My name is Patricia, I have been coming here for 5 years now I can’t remember how exactly I found out about the, I think it was through one of my friends and so you know I tried them out and that was 5 years ago an ever since I have been coming here became you know everyone here is great all the doctors and the staff and they are really good at making you feel comfortable which was my main reason I think for wanting to stay with them. It is really hard to find a dentist that you can be comfortable with. I know a lot of people like myself you know are not particularly fond of going to the dental office but they made it very comfortable for me here so I have been coming here all these years because I really like that about them. I would really recommend them to all my friends and family and I have actually – if you are the type of person who is like scared of going to the dentist or you are not comfortable I would highly recommend coming to Star Brite because that is the main thing – they just make you feel so comfortable you kind of breeze through everything.


Hello we met – actually my nanny found her for us, it is close by to the house and I wanted something that the whole family can come to so that is how we found her. This is my 2nd visit so my daughter is coming back for some filings and I was here last week from deep cleaning which was amazing so no pain which was wonderful afterwards they didn’t even need Tylenol afterwards. I think the atmosphere and the temperament of the Doctors were amazing. It was working with us and so it was good and we had a good experience so far. I would definitely recommend this practice.

My name is Natasha. I found out from my former colleague about Dr. Munira Lokhandwala’s office and I was moving with her from Fremont to Dublin. Nice very new nice office and building and very nice staff and I have been more than 13 years with Dr. Munira Lokhandwala. All my kids are also patients here, but yeah I have been with different practices but I have chosen Dr. Munira Lokhandwala for over 13 years. For my daughter's experience she is 5 and she loves to come here. I hardly have – I have to get rid of her if she knew I am coming here she will be following me. Book her an appointment before my appointment. It is a very nice family practice. Yeah I brought several of my friends here and all my family including my mom even old patients here – so I highly recommend for everyone this new pen practice in Dublin. I highly recommend StarBrite Dental – please come here and check it out.

My name is Melanie. This is my second visit. I actually found them on Yelp and they have amazing reviews on Yelp – they are close to home and have great reviews so I thought let’s try it. I had some bad experiences a couple of years ago with the dentist and it put me off going and luckily they are very caring to her and gentle – very gentle and it was a great experience. I actually signed my husband up for a cleaning right after the visit because it was so great. And I am getting a feeling today and I hope mine will go just as well. Yeah great I have a little son and a toddler too and I am actually going to have him come as well. It is a great family dentistry. She is very knowledgeable and you can tell right off the bat she has got a gentle touch. I wasn’t nervous and she put me at ease right away and all of her staff is the same. So I would highly recommend this place. I love it.

I went to StarBrite dental today and I got 3 fillings done, it was fun, they did it while I was watching it. I didn’t even feel anything I was scared at first but after they put the numb on me and I got the shots I felt fine and then I said I wanted to do more, then we did 2 more fillings after that and then we did drilling on the 2 bottoms ones I am all better! Yay!

Lisa O’Brian

Hi my name is Lisa and I have been a patient of Star Brite dental for about 5 years. What brought me to StarBrite dental is that I was in need of some emergency dental work and I did a quick internet search and they popped up and I gave them a call and they were able to fit me in that same day. As far s the procedures I have had done here I have had quite a few a couple of root canals, a few crowns, some filling replacement, and the post op has been good they have given me Tylenol and what not and to get through what little pain there was which is pretty much pain free. I mean what is also a nice touch is that the Doctors do call you at home afterwards to kind of flow up to see how you are doing. Star Brite dental helps me to reduce my stress when coming to the dentist. I have a big fear of dental work done before coming to StarBrite dental I had put off going to the dentist for many years and hence when I needed them for emergency work and there was quite a bit to be done but they were very caring and understanding about my anxiety and fears, and basically they walked me through step by step and you now they were so nice to me they asked me if I wanted a blanket or some earphone to listen to music to kind of ease your mind off, and they are just a group of very ring people. As far as the Doctors go both Dr. Munira and Dr. Hosseini are very gentle when they are working on your mouth and their laws make sure that you are not feeling any discomfort or any pain. When it comes to trust level I do put all of my trust in the doctors here at Star Brite Dental because they have done a lot of work on my mouth and they have done great quality work. I trust them so much that my boyfriend just became a patient and my 2 year old daughter got her first tooth cleaning. I recommend StarBrite Dental for your family dentist – because we had a good first experience with my daughter’s first trip to the dentist. They brought her into the room, they put on a little movie for her to watch - to see about the hygienist what is done, what the chair is all about and then the doctor came in and basically just going on my daughter’s comfort level assessed the situation to actually see how much work was actually going to be done. Unfortunately my daughter was not that well behaved so they were able to get the fluoride treatment in and just the visual examination of her mouth and she got a good report! She also sent a goodie bag with the toothbrush toothpaste and floss, a couple of little stickers and that made her experience very enjoyable. One of the things I really enjoy about Star Brite dental is that they don’t outsource all of the major procedures that need to be done, so everything is kind of in their office from start to finish so you dot have to go to a special doctor to have a tooth pulled or a crown put in or anything like that. You do everything right here in the office. As far as all my experiences go with StarBrite dental they have all been great. I have enjoyed seeing the staff and doctors each time I come and I look forward to seeing them when I come back again in 6 months. I had horrible teeth which is why I waited so long to come to the dentist. Now I am like pain free (laughs)

My name is Johnny Scott and I have been a patient here for the last 7-8 months, and I chose this facility this operation because it was so highly recommended. Well I don’t have a very high fear level of dentistry however the professional nature of the patients and the respect given to me by Dr. Lokhandwala was very very helpful I terms of me being able to relax as a patient. Post treatment I was very pleased because I felt that I had someone who gave me her service who really cared about me as a patient. It was much more than a business, it was a relationship with someone who cared a lot about how I was after – post surgery. She even gave me a call at home to see if I was doing okay on the weekend. And that – I guess you can call it customer service but that is so unusual for a doctor to go to that level with a patient to make sure they are doing okay. I went online and I found Dr. Lokhandwala and I have been pleased ever since. I gave a call to the office and I spoke to someone here and I said that person was so congenial that I thought this is definitely a place I want to try. Initially I had to go and have a consultation, and I walked in and I found this very nice person Dr. Lokhandwala and I decided this is where I wanted to be, because from the very beginning she showed that she was concerned about means a person as a human being beyond the issues, of surgery itself and cost factors that I was concerned with. In terms of gentleness in terms of how easy it was for me to be in a chair for 3 hours. I sat in the chair for 3 hours for surgery, and I experienced very little or any discomfort and I was so pleased that she allowed me to have my headset on and she worked around my headset. I listened to music for 3 4 hours and I didn’t have to focus upon the actual drilling into my mouth and the anesthesia was excellent I didn’t have any pain and her assistant is also very good too because of what happened that day they were both able to keep me comfortable in the chair and to check with me constantly if in fact I had any pain if the anesthesia had worn off so that was good to I didn’t have any discomfort I was able to weather the 3 hours that I sat there without much discomfort. Well regarding my recovery again Dr. Lokhandwala gave me a call on a Saturday to find out if in fact I had any issues. She gave me medication in the office, gave me a prescription I got that filled, I had to drive back home which was about maybe 50 miles away so by the time I got home I was pretty much okay she gave me a diet to adhere to. Anytime you do this kind of surgery you have to trust the person doing the surgery so along those lines I would probably say that those were the biggest things for me. The trust factor. I would definitely recommend Dr. Lokhandwala because of the level of service. It is highly unusual to find someone who will go to the extent that she went to, to make sure I was doing okay post-surgery and to make sure in essence that the surgery went well, and I was pleased with what had happened.

Matt Peterson

So I have been coming to StarBrite dental for about 4 years and I really enjoy the staff. They are very welcoming and they are very friendly. They give me a lot of options and they talk to me about their treatment. They interact with me, if I come early or late they always try to accommodate me and fit me into their schedule and I really appreciate that. They are open on Saturdays which is really different from some other dentists that I have gone through so being able to have that flexibility or work with that work schedule to get me in I really appreciate that. Before Star Brite dental I have had numerous dentists and I just had not found the right dentist that worked with me both financially, with billing with insurance but more so with understanding my pain tolerances and my comfort levels. I mean I get very nervous so I want to make sure that I find a dentist who is gentle, who is understanding and is also giving me options. Other dentists out there they have a single set framed mind on how they want to do their dentistry. you know they go okay, if I drill into here – this needs a root canal that needs a crown this needs to be filled, I’m going to use nonwhite composite in the back w=because their molars are in. and she goes out of her way and goes well here is what is wrong and here is what you can do and she is – and that little bits of creativity outside thinking along with being gentle and comfortable when I am being in the dentist office, that makes a world of difference to me I have gone to like I said many dentist and some aren’t as understanding and some are not as gentle and some pull and yank and say suck it up. And that is not acceptable – if I am going to pay I want to make sure I am happy and that I am getting a good fair price and the finances are perfect. I never have to worry about any of the billing and all of that, she is comfortable and she goes out of her way to get me the best treatment options are for me are the ones that are the best for me, not just what is best for her, or what is easiest for her to go in and do work and you know that sets her aside from all the other dentist, and I spent a long time looking for the right dentists and now I am happy and I am not going to go anywhere else because the fact that she continues to stay up-to-date on latest technology and that she is comfortable and is easy to talk to – I mean it's welcoming when you come in and its nervous going to the dentist as it is and the last thing you need is to come in and then have a tense environment which is not the case as soon a s you walk in the door you get friendly staff you will get people that are there welcoming you and will seat you right down and Dr. Munira does facilitate that.

Hi my name is Mila and I am here at Dr. Munira’s office to do my dental implants and I would like to say a big thank you to her and her amazing staff for the beautiful work done and absolutely no pain, nothing. I can’t believe it – it is my first time and I am 54 almost. For the first time in my life I just chose to visit the dentist.

So I have been patient of Dr. Lokhandwala a for a very long time and I think now I am finishing college and I started here in the beginning of high school and ever since then I have always been pleased by how painless and how easy anything from cleaning to the removal which I just had about 4 days ago, and I was very impressed because before surgery everything was explained to me and this will be done, this is what you have to do night of this – what you do today and this is exactly how the procedure will take place – everything was explained to me. Then the day of surgery everything went really painless. I barely remember everything and I was absolutely freaked out about the removal. I didn't even sleep really that well the night before. But they made everything painless when I went home I recovered really fast, within 2 days I was almost eating whatever I wanted and I honestly did not expect this it be as painless and as seamless as it happened so everything went beyond my expectations and I would recommend this to anyone and everyone unless you want pain and longer treatment. But this was really nice and the entire staff and team took great care of me, and this is not only for my wisdom teeth removal but also for my cleaning. I have always looked forward to coming here even though I have been super scared of dentists, but they have always made this really easy and painless for me!

Real Reviews from Real People

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Really enjoyed my time here even though it’s a dental appt. the staff are friendly, doctor is very knowledgeable. Read More Reviews