Cosmetic Dentistry

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What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic Dentistry mostly constitutes elective procedures which can be used to make your smile better and more attractive. Dental care in previous decades was limited to doing just the bare minimum needed to keep teeth from falling apart. However in recent years people have become more aware of their smiles and the fact that it has an effect on their day to day interactions with the people work and in social circles. Cosmetic dentistry fulfills this need to present oneself in the best light. It all starts with a smile, and so having a good smile makes for a great first impression

Cosmetic dental procedures such as teeth straightening (Invisalign, 6-month Smiles), Porcelain Veneers (Lumineers), Dental Implants for replacing missing teeth are all now widely accepted and practiced by dentists all over the world.

How important is your smile?

A smile may flash only for a second, but its memories can stay for a lifetime. Most new human interactions begin with a smile and a handshake. It has been well researched and proven that first impressions can have a tremendous effect on all future interactions between people. A great smile in which the teeth are white and well proportioned is a well known recipe for popularity at any age, for any culture or any social setting. A great smile can land you a job, a great friend, a life partner or that great deal if you are in sales. The importance of the human smile cannot be underestimated.

Who is a good candidate for cosmetic dentistry?

Anyone from young adults to seniors are candidates for cosmetic dentistry. If due to neglect, accident, old age, heavy tobacco or coffee use, or simply lack of options for orthodontic treatment at an early age, someone has teeth that are missing, discolored or crooked, can have their smile fixed using cosmetic dentistry.

Is cosmetic dentistry worth the time and the cost?

The answer to this question is an unequivocal YES. People to understand that every day we go out and smile (or not) in front of tens of people would fully understand the value of the smile and therefore of getting it fixed through cosmetic dentistry. There are real tangible benefits such as securing a job, getting the coveted promotion, closing that great business deal, finding a life partner or lover which are all directly affected by the smile.

How long will my new smile last?

Depending on the type of treatment, it can last for year or a lifetime. For example; teeth whitening can whiten your teeth; however, the teeth will slowly over time start getting stained again and periodically would need to be “touched up’. However, Invisalign or 6-month smiles orthodontics treatment, Dental implants can last much longer, sometime for the rest of one’s life. Porcelain veneers last for more than a decade if well placed and adequately taken care of on a daily basis.

How quickly will I be able to complete my cosmetic dentistry treatment?

This depends on the treatment. Some treatments like Six-month smiles braces or Invisalign will take between 6 months to 2 years as teeth are slowly moved into position. Dental Implants for missing teeth can be placed in as little as an hour and in two appointments one can get a replacement tooth which matches perfectly with the adjacent teeth. Porcelain veneers can be placed in one single day and completely change the smile in a dramatic fashion. Dr Lokhandwala has placed hundred of implants, hundreds of Porcelain veneers and completed hundred of orthodontic cases. We have seen dramatic results right here in our offices.

What are some examples of cosmetic dentistry procedures?

Invisalign and 6 month smiles orthodontics for straightening smiles, Porcelain Veneers or Lumineers for enhancing stained, crooked, chipped or worn down teeth, Dental implants for missing teeth, teeth whitening for making teeth regain their original sparkle and whiteness.

How has technology improved cosmetic dentistry?

Yes greatly. Dentistry is one area of medicine which has seen dramatic improvements in technology. From highly specialized polymers for white fillings to egg-shell-thin porcelain veneers and ceramic crowns, technology has played a huge role in the fast improvement of dental care in the world.

Will people notice that I had this procedure done?

Yes in most cases the significant improvement in your smile will not go unnoticed. Some of the procedure we perform at StarBrite Dental, such as Porcelain Veneers and Six-month Smiles create such dramatic differences in smiles that not just the patient and their immediate family see a difference but many more people who come in contact with the patient will remark there is something different and better about them when they see them. Most of time, our own staff members are taken aback by the dramatic improvement in the smile as it develops in our own dental practice while working with the patient.

Munira Lokhandwala, DDS FICOI
StarBrite Dental is dedicated to helping patients get their healthy bright smile back with quality dental treatments and advanced technology.

Our team consists of Dr. Munira Lokhandwala and Dr. Maryum Tariq who are highly skilled dentists with decades of dental experience in both cosmetic and general dentistry.
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