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Dental issues such as tooth loss, a poor smile, chronic pain, and bad breath can make you feel miserable and affect all phases of life.

Several payment options are available and should be considered carefully when making a decision. If you have dental insurance, we will work with you in maximizing your benefits and minimizing your “out-of-pocket” costs. If you do not have dental insurance, we offer CareCredit to all qualified patients.

We’re committed to helping you get the dental treatment you want and need, in a way that is affordable. We work with the insurance company to find out what is covered and what is not, so that you don’t have to worry about unexpected “out-of-pocket” costs. We discuss all treatment options with our patients so that they can make informed decisions. We take care of all claim related paperwork directly with the insurance company.

For cases involving cosmetic smile makeovers, full mouth reconstructions or implant dentistry, we will work with you to give you a range of options to make the procedures the most affordable, and also discuss payment schedules that work for you. CareCredit allows you to get the necessary procedures done now, including veneers and teeth whitening, and pay for them comfortably over time. Up to 12 months of interest free financing is available through CareCredit to those who qualify. Modern dental technology has made many life changing dental procedures affordable and accessible to everyone.

Click here for more information on CareCredit and how our dental practice works with them to help our patients

Munira Lokhandwala, DDS FICOI
StarBrite Dental is dedicated to helping patients get their healthy bright smile back with quality dental treatments and advanced technology.

Our team consists of Dr. Munira Lokhandwala and Dr. Maryum Tariq who are highly skilled dentists with decades of dental experience in both cosmetic and general dentistry.
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This was my first visit and it was really good. I have a dreaded fear of the dentist but she, and her staff, were so very nice. I left extremely happy and will return again Read More Reviews