FAQs About iTero Scanner for Crowns in Fremont, CA

When you need a crown for a tooth, you may automatically assume that the process will take at least two visits — one to size you for the crown and another for the crown placement. However, an iTero scanner simplifies the process. You spend less time in the dentist’s chair and more time admiring your beautiful restoration. Before you schedule a visit, you should educate yourself about the iTero Scanner for crowns in Fremont, CA, and just how it’s revolutionizing crown placement.

FAQs About iTero Scanner for Crowns in Fremont, CA Area

What’s an iTero Scanner?

An iTero Scanner is a device that captures digital images of the inside of a patient’s mouth via a hand-held wand. Specifically, it helps the dentist evaluate tooth structure and gum quality.

Is iTero Just for Crowns?

A dentist may use iTero to create impressions for restorative dental work, including the following:

Orthodontists use this technology to assess a person’s mouth for spacing issues and misalignments and determine a course of action.

How Does iTero for Crowns Differ from Impressions and Other Imaging?

iTero is quicker than most imaging programs, which allows a dentist to create an impression and mold the crown on the same day. That means no wait time or temporary crown, just peace of mind knowing that the restoration is complete.

Additionally, iTero creates a colored image and doesn’t transmit any radiation. Therefore, it’s safe for pregnant women. Children below the age of 16 should only have one oral x-ray per year, so it’s beneficial for children and teens, as well.

This particular imaging is more accurate than impressions and less messy.

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Does an iTero Scan Hurt?

When you decide on iTero dental crowns, you’ll be happy to know that the scanning process is painless. It’s a noninvasive procedure that uses laser technology to produce a clear, detailed image.

The crown itself is nearly painless as well, considering the dentist provides you with a numbing agent before the procedure.

iTero crowns are improving the patient experience. You won’t have to contend with the unpleasant molding material in your mouth, but you’ll still receive a high-quality crown that looks natural.

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