Invisalign is a revolutionary technology in the field of adult orthodontics. Unlike the traditional braces that are made with metal brackets, Invisalign aligners are made with clear plastic material, which is invisible from outside. Therefore, Invisalign braces offer a key cosmetic advantage over traditional braces during the course of treatment.

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Invisalign braces are removable and the patient is required to remove them while eating, drinking or cleaning the teeth. This helps to enhance oral hygiene and reduces the chances of any harmful bacterial growth that may develop in the case of fixed traditional braces.

If a patient is a good candidate for both Invisalign and traditional braces, many dentists today will advise choosing the Invisalign option. From a dentist’s perspective, Invisalign aligners allow for continuous checks on tooth decay and cavities. Since the braces treatment may last for two to three years, when x-rays are taken to search for cavities, a proper picture may not emerge due to the presence of metal brackets.

The Invisalign system utilizes clear plastic aligners to move the teeth in a pre-determined direction. The computer-based system analyses the patient’s condition and plans the treatment accordingly prior to preparing the aligners. If the patient shows dedicated compliance to the Invisalign treatment over the required period, his or her teeth will be straightened to produce a great smile.

For patients who are currently undergoing treatment with traditional braces, the option of switching to Invisalign is also available. In fact, most Invisalign-certified dentists agree that in patients where traditional braces have already accomplished the difficult teeth movements, Invisalign can do a great job to accomplish the desired goal.

The Invisalign system of treatment is not only geared towards adult patients but also towards teens. Using the ‘Invisalign Teen’ system of aligners, dentists are now able to treat children over the age of 12. This is subject to the condition that they have all of the front permanent teeth, the partially erupted 12-year molar, and are without any baby teeth.

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