What are the Benefits of Immediate Dentures in San Jose and Fremont?

The idea of going without teeth is concerning for many patients. When multiple teeth are lost due to disease, age, or extraction, patients may find that their appearance has changed, and their ability to talk and eat is affected negatively. Helping patients maintain a healthy, functioning smile is important to Dr. Lokhandwala of Star Brite Dental. When patients are ready to undergo treatment for the loss of teeth, she is available to provide cosmetic treatments such as immediate dentures in San Jose and Fremont.

Dr Munira Lokhandwala, Starbrite Dental, Providing immediate dentures

Immediate dentures are a great way for patients to regain their smile immediately after the extraction of teeth. When a patient has decided to go with full dentures for restorative treatment, they will have the opportunity to have dentures made in advance of their extraction appointment. By using impressions of the patient’s teeth, acrylic dentures can be manufactured beforehand. The benefit of this is that as soon as patients have their teeth extracted, they can leave the dental office with their new smile.

The benefit to immediate dentures in San Jose and Fremont is the obvious advantage of having a restoration immediately after the initial procedure to remove the remaining teeth. Patients are able to have their natural teeth removed the same day that they receive their cosmetic restoration. However, immediate dentures are not intended to be a long-term solution. Patients will want to talk to their dentist about making high-quality dentures after the extraction of their teeth to enjoy the benefits of better-fitting dentures. Immediate dentures are great for short-term use, and for assisting patients in maintaining a beautiful smile immediately after their extractions. However, they typically require several adjustments to get them just right. Patients are encouraged to consider traditional dentures or other restorative solutions shortly after receiving their immediate dentures for the best possible fit and functionality.

Dr. Lokhandwala and the staff at Star Brite Dental are proud to offer patients the ability to restore their smile immediately after a full arch extraction. With immediate dentures, patients can leave the dental office with a readymade smile. If you are interested in immediate dentures and want to learn more, contact us at Star Brite Dental today. Alternatively, schedule your consultation visit with Dr. Lokhandwala and ask all the relevant questions you have regarding this amazing offer at our dental practice.

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