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Teeth Whitening

What is teeth whitening?

One of the most popular procedures in cosmetic dentistry is teeth whitening. It can improve a patient's smile dramatically, without requiring any kind of invasive treatment. Everyone loves a whiter, brighter, and sparkling smile. It enhances the personality and helps to boost the self-confidence of a person, as well.

Why is teeth whitening required?

The natural white and bright color of teeth starts becoming pale or dark with age. There are racial and genetic factors that influence the base color of the teeth, as well as factors such as continuous use of intensely colored foods and substances such as tea, coffee, red wine, and tobacco. There are also certain medications that are known to cause discoloration of teeth.

In all of these situations, teeth whitening can prove to be an effective solution. It can bring back the natural color of teeth to a considerable extent and give patients a beautiful smile, and improve their overall personality at the same time.

Types of teeth whitening

Before going ahead with the teeth whitening procedure, the dentist must determine whether the patient's condition is suited for this treatment. Once this is done, the patient has a choice between two types of treatment:

At-home teeth whitening

The patient can perform the procedure on his or her own, within the comfort of his or her home. The patient is provided with custom built bleaching trays, which are filled with the whitening agent, and worn at night. The dentist will advise for how long the patient needs to wear the trays in order to achieve the best results. The at-home procedure may take a longer time to show results, but it is a successful procedure nonetheless.

In-office teeth whitening

This procedure is conducted as a combination of whitening agents and plasma light technology to produce superior results. A high intensity dental light induces a strong and deep release of the whitening agent on the outer surface of the teeth. This intense concentration of the agent results in a greater whitening effect and also cuts down the bleaching time required. The patient can go home within an hour. The procedure is completely safe if conducted by an experienced dentist. StarBrite Dental has conducted thousands of in-office teeth whitening procedures with excellent results.

Teeth whitening systems at StarBrite Dental

StarBrite Dental uses state of the art ZOOM Advanced Light Teeth whitening and the Sapphire Plasma Arc Light process developed by Rembrandt. This is a highly effective and proven teeth whitening system that can produce exceptional results. Patients can expect their teeth to be eight to ten shades brighter with just one hour of this treatment. StarBrite Dental also uses advanced imaging programs to show patients their transformed smiles once the procedure is completed.
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StarBrite Dental

This is the only place I will go to have my teeth worked on. I have been going to Starbrite for over 8 years and highly recommend them for anyone who has a phobia of dentist's. The staff and Dentist's take extra care to make sure that you are as comfortable as possible.