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  • Fast Braces San Jose - Full Orthodontic Treatment Before
    Fast Braces San Jose - Full Orthodontic Treatment After
    Full Orthodontic Treatment in under 10 Months!
  • Fast Braces San Jose - Cosmetic Orthodontic Treatment Before
    Fast Braces San Jose - Cosmetic Orthodontic Treatment After
    Cosmetic Orthodontic Treatment in a little over 10 weeks!
  • Fast Braces San Jose - Orthodontic Treatment Before
    Fast Braces San Jose - Orthodontic Treatment After
    Orthodontic Treatment in 3 months!
  • Fast Braces San Jose - Orthodontic Treatment Before2
    Fast Braces San Jose - Orthodontic Treatment After2
    Orthodontic Treatment in 4 months!
Fast Braces San Jose - Video
In traditional orthodontic treatment, teeth are covered with metal brackets. Through these brackets, a metal wire is run all the way around each arch. Every few weeks, wires are tightened in the dentist's or orthodontist's office, keeping continual pressure on teeth to prompt them into their rightful position. There are some issues with the traditional approach to straightening teeth; primarily, the time frame in which completion is achieved is too long for most people. Fortunately, advances in science, technology, and materials have made it possible to accelerate the process of achieving a beautiful smile.

FastBraces® is one such technique and methodology which has been proven to work exceedingly well for the resolution of a wide variety of orthodontic problems in both adults and children.

What makes Fastbraces® unique is the design of triangular brackets that are placed onto teeth. This shape alone sets the tone for an entirely different mechanical purpose than what is found with conventional braces. The way that conventional braces move teeth is first by their crown, during the first year of treatment, and then, in the second year of treatment, the root of the tooth would follow the crown into proper position.

Using Fastbraces® Technology, your dentist can accomplish the movement of both the crown and the root portions of each tooth from the very day braces are applied. With this system, it is possible to achieve optimal results with less sensitivity in a shorter period of time. Most patients complete treatment within a twelve month period, with some arriving at their best smile within just a few months.

Braces for Kids
Misaligned teeth or an improper bite (how the biting surfaces of the teeth fit each other on the opposite sides of the jaw) can be a problem in children as their dentition matures during the growth phase of development. Not only is oral hygiene compromised, but during those sensitive years, a crooked, crowded smile can also affect mood, and self-confidence. Fastbraces® Technology provides a compelling solution for children to receive quick orthodontic treatment with minimum discomfort and a lifetime satisfaction commitment from us.

Braces for Adults
Wearing braces in adulthood is difficult for most working adults. However, an unhealthy, unattractive smile in adulthood can impact social and professional interactions in a negative way. There is very little difference between teenagers and adults when it comes to the smile's impact on self-esteem. Feeling good about your smile translates into higher confidence and a better quality of life.

Fast Braces San Jose - Fast Braces

Your dentist can help you achieve your healthiest, most attractive smile. Contact our office for more information on our orthodontic services.

Fast Braces San Jose - Fastbraces® Logo, Braces for adults and braces for kids
Munira Lokhandwala, DDS is a proud Fastbraces® provider:
braces technology that is fast, safe and affordable.

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Rating: 5 Dentist Fremont - 5 Star Rating by Sucheta J.

StarBrite Dental

I visited StarBrite Dental for quick consultation about fast braces and I have good experience with the staff and Dr. Lokhandwala.
Dr. Lokhandwala sounded very knowledgable and straight forward while making me understand why I am not eligible for fast braces. And how there is no shortcut when we want to get the right treatment for long term/life long benefits.
I would definitely like to go there again!