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Conscious Sedation

Many people have fears and anxieties about a visit to the dentist. However, this fear and anxiety should not stop you from having a pearly white smile. Conscious sedation dentistry can help ease your anxieties and eliminate pain.

In conscious sedation, patients are put into a relaxed state where the level of consciousness is reduced. This helps reduce any discomfort, anxiety and pain caused during the dental treatment. Other than curing fears, it can also be used for lengthy dental procedures during which patients might find it difficult to remain still and calm. With conscious sedation, once the treatment is finished, the patient will feel or remember nothing at all. However, Dr. Munira ensures that the sedated patient is conscious enough to respond to all verbal directions.

During the conscious sedation treatment, Dr. Munira emphasizes that patients will feel no discomfort during and after the treatment. They will receive the exact amount of sedation needed to keep them in a “sleep-like” state. This will ensure that they are fully unaware of the treatment. Although patients will return to normalcy after the treatment, they will need to bring a family member or friend to drive them home.

Another benefit of conscious sedation is that patients can get all their dental treatments completed within a single visit. Patients can choose to be sedated for a single and lengthy appointment rather than several. This is particularly useful to those who have busy lifestyles or careers and have difficulty finding time to go through treatments which require several sessions. With the right level of sedation, an appointment of many hours may seem just like fifteen minutes to the sedated patient!

A good candidate for sedation dentistry is anyone who has dental anxiety, dental phobias or has a history of traumatic dental experiences. Patients who find it difficult to control their movements are likely to benefit from conscious sedation.

Conscious sedation has helped numerous patients get the beautiful teeth and smiles that they have wanted in a state of complete relaxation and comfort. Talk to Dr. Munira today to find out how she can address your dental concerns with conscious sedation.

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