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Fremont, CA dentist, Dr. Lokhandwala, is pleased to offer a selection of fantastic treatment options for patients who are interested in brightening their smiles. Instead of using over-the-counter whitening products that fail to provide noticeable results, our team at StarBrite Dental encourages patients to consider the many advantages of professional teeth whitening services. Our dentist offers the below FAQ for patients to learn more about these treatments.

Fremont Dentist for Teeth Whitening

Why choose professional teeth whitening?

With professional teeth whitening services, patients can brighten their smiles quickly and affordably. These services provide more reliable results than over-the-counter options. Over-the-counter whitening products such as strips and whitening toothpaste fall short of providing proper whitening and are often a lower concentration of ingredients than those available through a dentist. Patients who have been unhappy with the results they’ve achieved with local drugstore options are urged to consider the benefits of professional teeth whitening.

What causes stained teeth?

Yellow teeth in Fremont CA area

There are many reasons patients may have discolored or yellowed teeth. Some foods can contribute to changes in the natural tooth enamel, as well as beverages such as coffees, teas, and red wines. Over time, these foods and drinks discolor the smile and cause it to look dark and dull. Patients interested in combating these discolorations are encouraged to ask Dr. Lokhandwala of StarBrite Dental about the whitening solutions that can be used to counteract staining.

What methods of professional whitening are available?

Dr. Lokhandwala is pleased to provide take-home whitening kits and professional in-office power bleaching. The whitening kits use custom-created plastic trays that fit over the upper and lower dental arches. A high-concentration whitening gel is given to patients, who put the gel into the trays and wear for a specific time every day to achieve a whiter smile gradually. The in-office methods include our ZOOM Advanced Light Teeth whitening system and the Sapphire Plasma Arc Light process developed by the Rembrandt brand. These are highly focused treatments that use light to activate the bleaching ingredients to powerfully lift and address stains that may be deep within the natural tooth enamel. All three methods are safe, reliable, and affordable.

Which method of whitening is best for my smile?

Determining the whitening method appropriate for a patient’s smile starts with a consultation with Dr. Lokhandwala. She will provide a thorough evaluation and discuss the options used for smile enhancement. Patients have a choice as to which treatment they would prefer and can determine if the treatment they desire is best for them.

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Who is the right candidate for professional teeth whitening?

The most appropriate candidates for professional teeth whitening are patients who:

  • Have been unhappy with over-the-counter treatments
  • Are 18 years old, or older
  • Are interested in faster whitening results
  • Do not have any restorations in the smile, including bridges, veneers, or crowns

When patients meet these requirements, they are welcome to schedule their visit with Dr. Lokhandwala to decide on the treatments most appropriate for their specific needs.

When should I whiten my teeth?

Patients often decide to whiten their teeth before special events such as weddings or family reunions. However, some patients prefer a whiter smile all year round and are ready to take control of the brilliance and beauty of their teeth!

Can I whiten my teeth during my routine dental visit?

Whutening teeth inFremont CA area

Absolutely! Dr. Lokhandwala will provide an evaluation, cleaning, and the requested professional whitening treatment. Patients can have their teeth whitened with in-office services every six months while maintaining results with at-home whitening kits in-between.

What should I do if I’m ready to undergo professional teeth whitening?

Patients in the area of Fremont, CA who are ready to brighten their smiles with professional teeth whitening services at StarBrite Dental are encouraged to schedule a consultation appointment with Dr. Lokhandwala. During this evaluation, Dr. Lokhandwala will determine if patients are potential candidates and can benefit from our cosmetic services. Call the office at 510-795-7786 and visit the practice at 38350 Fremont Boulevard, Suite #103. With the help of our dedicated team, patients can enjoy a beautiful and radiant smile with our whitening treatment options.

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