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There is no questioning the fact that a bright white smile is a terrific asset both personally and professionally, and it is the best accessory to wear with any outfit. However, with the multitude of whitening options available, many people wonder which one would be best.

Dr Munira Lokhandwala, Starbrite Dental, Providing Best Home Teeth whitening

Although a huge variety of products are available in stores, such as strips, pens, kits, toothpastes, rinses, and more, and they are relatively inexpensive, many are also ineffective. In our office near San Jose, we see many patients who have tried commercial whiteners and have been dissatisfied. Some of the common complaints are that they didn’t whiten enough, the whitening was uneven, they caused sensitivity, or that their gums were irritated.

Dr. Munira Lokhandwala offers two options for achieving a brighter smile. The in-office bleaching takes about an hour, and is very popular with patients who are in a hurry. However, most individuals who tried commercial whitening did so because they wanted an economical solution, or they wanted the convenience or privacy of whitening at home. They are delighted to learn that the doctor also offers at-home whitening kits.

Professional take-home whitening kits are vastly different from those available in stores. They contain a higher concentration of the carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide, and the trays used with them are custom fitted to the patients’ teeth, reducing the risk of the whitening agent contacting the delicate gum tissue.

Visit Dr. Lokhandwala for your at-home kit

The doctor will first examine your teeth to ensure you are a good candidate for whitening and may recommend a professional cleaning prior to whitening your teeth for optimal results. Impressions of your upper and lower dental arches will be taken so your custom-fit trays can be created. The shade of your teeth will be recorded for comparison when treatment is complete.

When the trays are ready, you will return to the office so we can give you the trays, whitening solution, and detailed instructions on their use. The trays are worn for a specified period every day for a couple of weeks to achieve your desired results.

As an added benefit, the kit can be used for periodic touch-ups to maintain your dazzling new smile.

Avoid the disappointment of commercial products and call 510-795-7786 to schedule your teeth whitening appointment today.

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