Who can benefit from Powerprox Six Month Braces by a San Jose dentist?

Dr Munira Lokhandwala, Starbrite Dental, Providing powerprox sux month braces

Teenagers and adults do not have to live with crooked, misaligned smiles. Thanks to orthodontic treatments, patients can improve their smile and feel better about the way they look and feel. However, many patients are unhappy with the idea of metal bracket and wire braces. Dr. Lokhandwala understands that patients want a more beautiful smile, but don’t want to hide their smile behind unsightly metal. With the use of Powerprox Six Month Braces, San Jose patients can utilize clear orthodontia to address overcrowding, gaps, and misalignment in a fraction of the time as traditional orthodontics.

Powerprox Six Month Braces is a revolutionary new way to adjust teeth. With traditional orthodontic principles, Powerprox Six Month Braces uses tooth-colored brackets and wires to implement a beautiful smile. It provides the same force as traditional braces, but can realign teeth in just a few months. The cost of Powerprox Six Month Braces is considerably less than that of traditional orthodontia.

Nearly anyone who wants a realigned smile can benefit from Powerprox Six Month Braces. Whether it’s just a few teeth in front that need to be straightened or a few crooked teeth caused by overcrowding, Powerprox Six Month Braces can bring forth the smile a patient has always wanted. The tooth-colored brackets allow the orthodontia to blend in better with a patient’s smile making them a little more discreet than standard braces. The treatment time is often shorter, allowing patients to achieve that beautiful smile even sooner than expected!

For patients who are considering an alternative treatment, Dr. Lokhandwala offers Invisalign orthodontics, which, instead of using wires and brackets, utilizes clear aligner trays that are worn by the patient to move teeth into more desirable positioning.

Dr. Lokhandwala offers a number of cosmetic dental treatments at her practice in San Jose. From dental implants to porcelain veneers, patients can get beautiful results by visiting StarBrite Dental for all of their cosmetic and general dentistry needs. Call today to schedule a consultation appointment and learn more about orthodontic treatments offered at StarBrite Dental, including Powerprox Six Month Smiles and Invisalign treatments. You won’t regret taking charge and creating the smile of your dreams once and for all!


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