What Can Lumineers Address?

Cosmetic dentistry allows Dr. Lokhandwala of Star Brite Dental to change a patient’s smile from “drab to fab” within just a few dental appointments. This is what makes cosmetic dentistry so rewarding for her and her staff – she is able to witness not only the physical changes that her patients go through with a smile makeover, but the emotional changes as well. A beautiful smile can translate into higher self-esteem and better self-confidence. When patients are completely unhappy with the way their smile looks, Dr. Lokhandwala will typically discuss the different cosmetic procedures that can be done to improve their smile. Many times, she will recommend Lumineers.

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San Jose residents can use Lumineers to transform their smiles completely. Lumineers are a special kind of porcelain veneer that requires little, if any, removal of the tooth’s enamel for placement. Made of very thin porcelain, Lumineers are bonded over the top of teeth to change their entire appearance.

Lumineers can address a number of dental concerns. When patients have teeth that are crooked or misaligned, patients can use veneers instead of months “even years” of orthodontics. Patients who have deep staining and discoloration of their teeth can also use Lumineers to cover them, especially when alternative teeth whitening methods don’t work at lightening the stains. Teeth that are chipped or cracked can be covered with a veneer, as well as teeth that are too short or oddly shaped.

Veneers are strong, thanks to the porcelain materials that are used to make them. When bonded to the natural tooth, they also derive strength from that. Lumineers should still be cared for properly. Patients that grind or clench their teeth should wear night guards to protect their Lumineers from unwanted damage and wear and tear that can result from this unconscious habit that patients may have.

Dr. Lokhandwala enjoys using porcelain veneers to allow her patients to completely rejuvenate or revamp their smile. It can provide amazing aesthetic changes to the teeth, and do so in a way that provides long-term enjoyment. When well-maintained Lumineers can last two decades or longer, making them a wonderful investment in your smile.

Call Dr. Lokhandwala if you have been considering Lumineers for dramatic improvements in your own smile!

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