Compassionate dental care for kids in Fremont, CA

Good oral hygiene habits are best formed at a young age, and Dr. Lokhandwala loves to keep young smiles healthy and bright. StarBrite Dental offers oral health care for parents looking for a kids’ dentist near me in the Fremont, CA, area.

Kids Dental Care at StarBrite Dental in Fremont CA Area

Caring for baby teeth

The common misconception is that baby teeth don’t matter. Once they fall out, the cavities are gone, right? Wrong. Your deciduous teeth act as guideposts for your adult teeth. When the teeth and gums are healthy, the adult teeth are more likely to grow in straight and leave space for the other teeth.

Cavities, gum disease, and bad habits like thumb sucking can cause crooked teeth and malocclusion. Without orthodontic correction, these issues can increase the risk for snoring, sleep apnea, tooth decay, and gum disease in your adult teeth. Routine dental appointments allow your child to get used to the dentist and let them learn how to care for their teeth from a professional. Dr. Lokhandwala can also keep a close eye on dental issues as they develop so they can get prompt treatment before they can cause too much damage. 

Building better habits

Prevention is the best medicine, and at-home care is crucial for healthy teeth. Younger children should be encouraged to practice brushing and flossing independently, but they still require adult supervision. Dr. Lokhandwala can show parents the best techniques to ensure all the teeth are clean and free of plaque to prevent tartar build-up. 

Healthy foods build better bodies, and the same is true for your teeth. Sugary foods and drinks are like a free feast for bacterial, while a balanced diet can provide your teeth with the proper nutrients to stay strong and help your immune system fight off infection in your mouth.

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Pacifiers, bottles, and thumb-sucking can also have an impact on your teeth. The constant pressure on your mouth can change the way facial muscles develop and push teeth out of their proper position. While some patients may require orthodontics no matter what, keeping things out of your child’s mouth will improve their oral resting posture and help them develop good chewing and swallowing muscles for healthier digestion. Dental visits should start as soon as your child has their first tooth or around their first birthday. Contact our office today at 510-795-7786 to schedule an appointment and make your child’s oral health a priority.

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