How might upper dentures maintain their stability for Fremont patients?

Dr Munira Lokhandwala, Starbrite Dental, Providing upper denture

Dentures are a common prosthetic device used to restore a patient’s smile while also allowing them to retain some of their chewings and biting efficiency. Without teeth, patients are unable to speak clearly or enjoy many of their favorite foods. Dentures can help restore this functionality as well as the cosmetic appearance.

Full dentures are used on either the upper dental arch or the lower dental arch. Some patients need dentures on both. Dentures are constructed of artificial gums and false teeth and are made to look beautiful and natural. Many patients rely on suction to maintain the stability of their upper dentures, while others use dental adhesives. Some patients find that they are unable to maintain their dentures with either option.

When patients are struggling with keeping their dentures in place, they should consider the quality and structure of the denture. Dr. Lokhandwala of StarBrite Dental in Fremont can examine a patient’s denture to determine if it can be adjusted or made better to provide a tighter, more solid fit and function. In many cases, she may suggest an implant-supported denture.

Implant-supported dentures are used with dental implants. Dental implants are titanium screws that are placed into the jawbone and held through osseointegration. In this process, the bone wraps around the implant and holds the implant in place so that it retains stability and strength. Then, dentures are made to fit over these implants and snap into place. The dentures are stabilized by the implants, which can improve the strength and functionality of the dentures. This provides excellent chewing, biting, and speaking efficiency.

Dr. Lokhandwala offers quality dentures, both standard and implant-supported, and works with her patients to ensure they are getting the best possible restoration for their lifestyle, budget, and expectations. At StarBrite Dental in Fremont, every patient’s smile is important. Patients can benefit from a quality cosmetic dentist with the training and expertise to provide patients with beautiful, healthy smiles and cosmetic restorations.

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