A series of commonly asked questions.

Will I be able to eat effectively with my dentures?

Yes definitely. Any patient who gets dentures initially will have a period of adjustment when they will have to eat soft foods or they have to cut up foods in small pieces. But as the gums get used to the dentures, patients should be able to eat pretty much everything and the diet should not be affected. So dentures are very effective and allow your patient to perform the chewing function.

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Will dentures make me look different?

Dentures will make you look different definitely, but only for the better. Typically, once an individual loses their teeth in either or both jaws, the skin starts to wrinkle because the support (padding) provided inside by the teeth is gone. Also additionally, the gums will start to shrink over time and this further reduces the padding effect on the face.

Using a well designed aesthetic denture will make a person look younger. Dentures support the lips and eliminate some of the wrinkles around the mouth and give the patient a more youthful appearance. So dentures will definitely make a difference for good. It is also important to note that the cost of dentures is directly related to the aesthetics of the final results. It is advisable to invest in a good set of dentures because it can affect the general standard of living and well being for patients. Rocking dentures or loose-fitting denture can be very frustrating and greatly reduce the enjoyment of eating good food.

How long should I wear my dentures?

How long the dentures are worn depends on the patient. Most patients will wear dentures throughout the day; they will only take them out at night when they are asleep. We recommend patients remove the dentures at night so the gums get a chance to breathe and they stay healthy that way. Otherwise, patients can develop sore gums. So dentures should be worn throughout the day when the patient is active, and removed at night and placed in the washing disinfectant solution.

Will dentures change how I speak?

Dentures will allow you to speak better. That is because the lips are supported which will make the pronunciation improve and the speech will be clearer. So dentures will not change your speech but will allow you to speak better.

Should I use a denture adhesive?

Denture adhesive use is something that a patient needs to discuss with the dentist. When a patient gets a new denture, initially the bone is healing and the denture may feel loose after a few months. In that situation, a dentist can re-align the denture avoiding adhesive use. However, if a patient has been wearing dentures for many many years and the bone is very thin or poor sometimes patients do have to use a denture adhesive. So the best person to answer this question is a dentist who can advise whether a denture adhesive is needed or a denture needs to be re-aligned. If dentures are rocking or not fitting well, it is important to visit with a dentist and see what options are available to make them fit better. In some cases, the use of Mini-implants can in only one sitting greatly improve the fit of dentures avoiding the need for denture adhesives.

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