Dental implants specialist offers restorations for Fremont, CA, patients

If patients don’t seek restoration of their smile after a loss or extraction of natural teeth, they may be putting themselves at risk for a variety of other problems over time. This includes shifting of existing teeth within the dental arch, causing unwanted spacing, and even resulting in misalignment. Additionally, their smile is negatively impacted by spaces left behind, and patients may even have difficulty eating or speaking clearly.

Dental Implants Specialist Offers Restorations for Fremont, CA Area

Fremont, CA, area dentists, Drs. Munira Lokhandwala and Maryum Tariq believe that working with a specialist that provides dental implants is the first step in the right direction. With dental implants, patients can enjoy long-term restoration while maintaining natural bone and appearance. At StarBrite Dental, we encourage patients to speak to us about the benefits of placing and restoring dental implants within the smile.

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is best described as a replacement for a tooth root made of titanium, which is a metal that is biocompatible with the body and effective at providing the right foundation for:

This versatility is what makes the dental implant a popular option for many of our patients, and we continue to recommend them when patients are potential candidates. Dental implants will last a lifetime with proper care, ensuring patients have a long-term, non-removable option available to them for enhancing the smile and restoring function and beauty.

Who is the most suitable candidate?

The best candidates for dental implants are individuals who have enough bone structure to hold the implant in place. The patient should also be free from cavities and periodontal disease, which can put the dental implant at risk of failing. X-rays are a great way for our team to determine the candidacy of a patient who is considering this restoration.

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At StarBrite Dental in Fremont, CA, we are excited to offer patients a wide selection of services for their smile, including the placement and restoration of dental implants when teeth are missing. Drs. Munira Lokhandwala and Maryum Tariq are dedicated to ensuring they offer the best options for new and established patients. If you live in the community and want to learn more about the advantages of dental implants and determine candidacy, call our facility at 510-795-7786 and request an appointment at our office at 38350 Fremont Boulevard, Suite #103.

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