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Lost teeth can affect more than just the aesthetics of the smile. This is why patients in the San Jose area should speak with a restorative dentist about the options available for repair. Replacing missing teeth can improve appearance, function, and health of the smile and should always be considered as soon as possible to avoid further damage to the smile. For example, when teeth are missing, it can reduce the amount of bone underneath the gum tissue and can result in the shifting of the existing teeth-making orthodontics necessary to correct. Instead, patients are urged to contact Dr. Munira Lokhandwala of StarBrite Dental for an examination and to discuss the available options for replacement.

Dr Munira Lokhandwala, Starbrite Dental, Providing cost of dental implants

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Dental implants are titanium roots that are replaced within the jaw bones to resemble a tooth or a group of teeth. A screw is inserted into the gums and into the jaw bone. A porcelain crown is then attached to the screw to become the new tooth or teeth. They can be used to support dental prestices including crowns dentures and bridges. Today’s treatments are so natural looking no one will know you had surgery. There is approximately a 95 percent success rate for all implants with modern advancements in dentistry some implants can be restored immediately with life like all porcelain crowns. For more details ask your dentist.

For many patients, dental implants are the most desirable solution. Dental implants are titanium posts that dentists will use to act as a tooth root replacement. They are placed during oral surgery into the jaw bone. Once osseointegration occurs (the wrapping of the bone around the implant), the dental implant will sit firmly in place and can help support dentures, dental crowns, and dental bridges.


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Once again Dr Lockhandwala went out of her way to solve my dental issues.
Myself being in pain and her having a full schedule, nevertheless she managed to extract my fractured tooth, make a graft in the bone and install the anchor for an implant in less than 3 hours. All this painlessly and using her lunch and breaks time in between her other patients.
This kind of services is rarely found.
I have to commend Dr. Munira not only as a skillful professional but as a compassionate person to boot.
Thank you!
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Dental implants are a wonderful investment, though many patients are concerned about the cost. Cost is an important factor for many patients considering replacement of missing teeth, but shouldn’t be the only variable. Dental implants typically cost more than bridges and dentures. However, they have so many advantages that many patients are interested in making this investment. Dental implants can last a lifetime-much longer than any other solution-and, therefore, hold their value over the course of time. When successful, they will not fall out and they will not require replacement, while other restorations need to be repaired or replaced regularly-adding up the overall cost throughout the years. Patients should also take into consideration any dental insurance coverage that can help reduce or eliminate the cost of treatment.

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Dr. Munira Lokhandwala and the team of StarBrite Dental believe in providing patients with the knowledge necessary which can allow patients to make educated decisions regarding their dental care. Contact her practice today in the San Jose area to learn more about dental implants and other tooth replacement options which may be considered.

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