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A tooth has a root located underneath the gum with a sensitive nerve inside a canal which connects the nerves in the jaws to the tooth. This nerve provides vitality to the tooth and is the reason why the teeth have the sensitivity to hot and cold. When a patient develops a cavity and does not take care of it, the harmful bacteria eat away at the tooth structures and may make it all the way down to the canal where the nerve resides. The bacteria infect the nerve, resulting in the formation of an abscess. This puts pressure on the nerve and results in a lot of pain and inflammation. This process of infection where the decay starts from the outside of the tooth and gradually moves to infect the nerve of the root canal can be avoided if there is early dental intervention.

Each time a root canal procedure is done on a patient, the nerve fibers and nutrient vessels of the affected tooth are removed. Nutrient vessels are essentially the blood vessels which supply nutrients to the tooth. As a result of their removal, the tooth is deprived of any nourishment in the future. Hence, as time passes by, the tooth will inevitably become dry and brittle causing it to fracture and crack when subjected to heavy pressure. In order to prevent this issue, in a majority of root canal cases, the tooth is covered with a dental crown within a few weeks of the initial root canal treatment.

In some patients, re-treatment of the root canal procedure may be deemed necessary by dentists. If the doctors are able to find through x-rays that the previous root canal is failing and a new infection is present, or if a patient comes back saying that their treated tooth still hurts, then re-treatment is the ideal solution.

However, prior to any re-treatment procedure, the dentist will perform an evaluation to find out why the initial procedure failed. The most common reasons for re-treatment include the presence of additional canals which were missed the first time, or an infection in the tip of the root which was not entirely eliminated at the time of the initial intervention.

The cost of a typical root canal treatment depends on the number of roots performed. While the cost for a single tooth with a single root will be less expensive, for a multi-rooted tooth like a back molar, the cost will be higher. But in any case, root canal treatment is critical and unavoidable if the tooth root has been infected irreversibly. If the treatment is ignored, the infection may spread and result in tooth extraction.

Root canal therapy or root canal treatment is very important to save the natural tooth structure. Also, Root canal treatment is a dental office is not at all painful is usually referred to as popular media. It is a relatively benign treatment and with modern technology can be performed in as little as one hour and with a very higher degree of success.

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