How are CEREC Crowns Created?

Dr Munira Lokhandwala, Starbrite Dental, Providing cerec crowns fremont

Dr. Lokhandwala of StarBrite Dental knows that your time is important. That is one reason why she has become certified in offering CEREC crowns. Fremont residents can benefit from these special, in-house made ceramic dental crowns that can speed up the process of receiving dental restorations such as crowns, bridges, inlays, and onlays. The cost of dental crowns is of significant concern, however, at StarBrite Dental, because we can make the ceramic Dental crown in-office, it reduces the chair time and the doctor’s time required to make the restoration. This allows us to reduce dental crown costs and make Dental … Continue reading

What are the Benefits of CEREC Crowns?

Dr Munira Lokhandwala, Starbrite Dental, Providing cerec in san jose

The process of placing a dental crown can be lengthy. Many dentists have to schedule patients for multiple appointments during the process. The initial appointment requires that a patient come into the office so that the dentist can prepare the tooth. A small portion of the enamel is removed to create a nice tight fit for the dental crown. Impressions are then taken, and the molds are sent to an outside laboratory for creation. A period of several weeks can pass before the new restoration is ready for the patient. When it arrives back to the dental office, the patient … Continue reading

What is CEREC?

Dr Munira Lokhandwala, Starbrite Dental, Providing cerec crowns in san jose

Dental crowns and bridges are common restorations used in dentistry. The process for many patients who are receiving a cosmetic restoration involves two appointments: one in which the patient will have impressions done, and another in which the patient will have the restoration bonded over their tooth. There are often several weeks between appointments, while the restoration is being fabricated from a laboratory that oftentimes resides outside of the city and state in which the dental work is being completed. This requires more time and money from both the dentist and the patient. Now, there’s a better, faster way to … Continue reading

Root Canal Treatment

Dr Munira Lokhandwala, Starbrite Dental, Providing root canals

A tooth has a root located underneath the gum with a sensitive nerve inside a canal which connects the nerves in the jaws to the tooth. This nerve provides vitality to the tooth and is the reason why the teeth have the sensitivity to hot and cold. When a patient develops a cavity and does not take care of it, the harmful bacteria eat away at the tooth structures and may make it all the way down to the canal where the nerve resides. The bacteria infect the nerve, resulting in the formation of an abscess. This puts pressure on … Continue reading

San Jose area dentist explains CEREC dental crowns

Dr Munira Lokhandwala, Starbrite Dental, Providing cerec crowns san jose

Covering a natural tooth to protect it is a common treatment at most dental practices. Many dentists, such as Dr. Lokhandwala of the San Jose area, suggests the placement of dental crowns in situations where natural teeth are broken, weak, or have extremely large fillings. The structure of the tooth may be unable to handle chewing and biting forces, so it is important to maintain the natural tooth by bonding a crown, also known as a cap, over the tooth. The entire process of receiving a dental crown from traditional dental practice can take several weeks. The tooth is prepared … Continue reading

CEREC crowns provide effective restorations for conventional crowns for Fremont area patients

Dr Munira Lokhandwala, Starbrite Dental, Providing Cerec crowns restorations

The conventional method of repairing a smile with a dental crown is often done over a series of several visits and many weeks. Patients start with a consultation appointment to determine if they require the placement of a dental crown. Once this has been confirmed, their teeth are prepared by removing a portion of the enamel from around the tooth and taking impressions. These impressions are sent to an outside laboratory for the fabrication of the dental crown and patients must wait several weeks before they return for placement. The entire process can be daunting and time-consuming. Instead, Dr. Munira … Continue reading

Who in the San Jose area may be appropriate for treatment with a CEREC crown?

Dr Munira Lokhandwala, Starbrite Dental, Providing cerec crown treatment

Dental technology continues to improve over the years and Dr. Munira Lokhandwala of StarBrite Dental wants to carry through on providing these amazing solutions to her patients. San Jose area individuals who want only the best are welcome to call her practice and learn about the many state-of-the-art options available through her practice. At StarBrite Dental, she has invested in technology such as CEREC which allows her to fabricate dental crowns, porcelain veneers, bridges, and other restorations right in her office without having to send out custom work to an outside ceramist. Patients can enjoy same-day restorations at StarBrite Dental … Continue reading

Fremont area patients ask, “What is the benefit of CEREC dental crowns?”

Dr Munira Lokhandwala, Starbrite Dental, Providing cerec dental crowns

Dr. Munira Lokhandwala of StarBrite Dental invests in her patients by investing in state-of-the-art equipment for her practice. This includes the CEREC system. CEREC restorations, such as dental crowns, can provide Fremont area patients with same-day repairs that would otherwise take weeks at other dental practices in the community. What is CEREC? CEREC creates restorations such as crowns, inlays, onlays, bridges, and veneers. This method takes digitized impressions of the teeth and then sends them to CAD/CAM software, which sends the design to the milling machine, where the new restoration is milled from a block of ceramic. The time needed … Continue reading

Why San Jose patients love CEREC crown restorations

Dr Munira Lokhandwala, Starbrite Dental, Providing cerec crown restoration

CEREC is a special dental system that allows dentists in the San Jose area such as Dr. Lokhandwala to create same-day restorations. Crown restorations are often used to help cover areas of imperfections, complete a dental implant, or provide strength and stability to a natural tooth that may have had breakage or root canal therapy which has left the structure brittle. In many typical dental offices, the process of obtaining a dental crown is rather long. Patients must have their tooth prepared by a dental professional, which often requires the removal of enamel on the surface. Impressions are made and … Continue reading

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