How are CEREC crowns different than lab-created dental crowns for San Jose area patients?

Dr Munira Lokhandwala, Starbrite Dental, Providing cerec dental crown

Patients in the San Jose and Fremont areas come to StarBrite Dental because they trust the experience and results from Dr. Lokhandwala and her team. They understand that she commits her practice to assist patients in improving the health and beauty of their smiles with both general and cosmetic dental procedures. Her office is a state-of-the-art facility with technologically advanced tools of the trade, including CEREC. CEREC is a milling device that uses digital impressions to create precise restorations such as dental crowns, veneers, and bridges – in one dental appointment.

In the past, patients who needed restorations had to visit their dentist to have impressions (molds) made. These impressions were sent to an outside laboratory for the creation of their crown, bridge, or veneers, which could take two to three weeks for completion. In the meantime, the dentist placed a temporary restoration until the new one was ready. Once the permanent piece arrived at the practice, the dentist had the patient come back in to have it bonded into place. The entire process involved several weeks and a couple of dental visits. That can be difficult to schedule with today’s busy families. CEREC allows trained dentists such as Dr. Lokhandwala to make same-day restorations and get patients on their way with a more beautiful smile, in just one visit!

CEREC crowns have a number of advantages over traditional lab-created dental crowns. The digital impressions are very accurate, allowing for a precise fit. The dentist has more control over the appearance and form of the crown, adjusting even the most minute aspects through every step of its creation. Since the restorations are fabricated in-house, changes can be made immediately, without weeks of waiting. Most importantly, Dr. Lokhandwala is able to avoid the placement of temporary restorations that lack strength and don’t fit well.

StarBrite Dental is focused on providing families with top-notch dental care and quality services to improve smiles every day. The team is happy to hear from new and existing customers. They are ready to assist patients in boosting the appearance and health of their smiles with treatments like CEREC restorations. Call today to schedule your initial consultation appointment.

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